Foreign Missions Supported by Tara

Foreign Missions Supported by Tara


From the very beginning of the congregation in the 1970’s, Tara has had a global view of the mission of the Lord’s church to seek and save the lost.  The church has supported numerous missionaries and works all over the world.  That love for the lost continues to be a central focus of our work at Tara.


The work of bringing the multitudes of lost souls in India to a knowledge of the truth has been a major part of the work we support.  We have supported brother Jim Waldron in the past, and brother Scott Richards, who has worked together with brother Waldron for a number of years.   In April, 2022, due to health reasons, brother Waldron handed over the India work to brother Richards.  At the same time, the oversight of the work moved from the elders of the Crossville, Tennessee church to the elders at Tara.  We are grateful for this opportunity to be more deeply involved in this work that focuses primarily on training men to be effective preachers of the gospel.  Our aim is to produce hundreds of tent-making preachers.


Brother Waldron began some work in Uganda, Africa in 2018, and that work continues with brother Richards.  It too has the primary aim of training preachers who will be self-supported.

Monthly reports

Pacific Islands

Under the oversight of the Forest Park, Georgia church, Tara contributes to the work of…..

  • ROBERT MARTIN – Originated and directs the Pacific Islands Bible College (PIBC).  Makes three or four mission trips annually to the various Pacific Islands to conduct PIBC classes, as well as daily efforts to evangelize and/or edify.
  • STACY FERGUSON –  Assistant Director of the PIBC work.  He and his wife, Kathy, travel to   island countries in efforts to strengthen the church with PIBC classes, ladies classes, and personal work.
  • NATHANIEL FERGUSON – Son of Stacy, works in the PIBC program also, making evangelistic trips to the Pacific Islands to teach and strengthen the churches in those countries.

JOEY TREAT FAMILY – Tara has supported the Treats several years in their mission efforts in Saipan, and then Palau, as they made their home in these places and worked with the churches in other island countries as well. They now live and work with the church in Guam.  Joey also travels back to Palau and other island countries teaching and preaching.  Though they work under the oversight of a different eldership now, we are happy to continue supporting the Treats.

United States Missions

  • GOSPEL BROADCASTING NETWORK (GBN) is a national TV satellite endeavor to get the gospel to the lost.  It is available throughout the nation and soon will be available in other nations also.
  • VIRGINIA – Johnny Robertson is supported in efforts to reach the lost with the truth of the gospel in Martinsville and surrounding areas.  He is well known there as he challenges denominational preachers in debates and Bible discussions.  This mission church is growing.
  • GEORGIA – Philip Gray is supported monthly as he works with the church in Buchanan.  Georgia is still a mission field with small congregations that are not self-supported, as well as counties without a NT church.  Buchanan, though small, is a growing and strong church.
  • JONESBORO, GA –  Our own neighborhood must not be neglected.  To keep the church and the gospel before the people, the HOUSE-TO-HOUSE publication is mailed to over 1000 homes six times a year.  We believe this to be money well spent, though response is minimal.
  • TENNESSEE BIBLE COLLEGE – We believe the training of preachers is most important for the future well-being of the Lord’s church, and TBC is a good place to get it.  That is why it continues in our budget.