United States Missions we support

United States Missions we support

Georgia – Bob and Betty Gray spend much of their time on the road with GEORGIA OUTREACH as they travel the state assisting smaller struggling churches with gospel meetings, VBS, door-knocking efforts, helping to locate preachers and with various building projects.
563 McGukin Road
Bremen, GA 30110

Virginia –  Johnny Robertson works with the church in Martinsville, Virginia in efforts to strengthen and build the church in that general area.   He is well known as he often challenges and debates denominational preachers on local television and also conducts a live Q & A  telecast.
P.O box 1187
Martinsville, Virginia 24114

Gospel Broadcasting Network – This is a 24/7 satellite television endeavor that is already broadcast in many states and has the future potential of going to other countries.  It is sponsored by the Highland church in Dalton, GA

Tennessee Bible College – An ongoing effort to train preachers,  teachers and elders who will strengthen the church, defend the truth, and take the gospel to the lost of the world.
P. O. Box 865
Cookeville, TN  38503

Renn Ferguson  is a full-time student at Memphis School of Preaching.  His ambition is to devote his life to preaching  the  gospel  with  special emphasis to mission work in the Pacific  Islands.  We are glad to have a small part in his support.

Special Requests – We help various missionaries with one time contributions for their travel and work funds.  College students,  and others, request help with short term mission trips.  Missionaries we regularly support, need additional funds.
(As funds are available.)

Local Outreach – The Tara congregation mails the bi-monthly publication, HOUSE TO HOUSE, to homes in our neighborhood.  This keeps the church name and teaching before the people of our community.