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Sunday Morning Worship and Bible Classes

Watch Live Meeting Times Sunday Morning Worship 9:00am Bible Classes for All Ages 10:15am Midday Worship 11:30am Wednesday Bible Classes for All Ages 7:00pm
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Bible Classes for All Ages

Every Wednesday night has been set aside for mid-week Bible study and a devotional for the whole church and guests. You can expect the following schedule: Bible classes are available for all ages. This time is used to study God’s Word, and to encourage each other in our daily walk with God. Note: See our Bible Class information for available classes and subjects (40 minutes). As a group, we then meet in the auditorium for a devotional, which consists of…

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In Search Of The Lord’s Way: Sundays on Channel 57 at 7:30 AM

Getting To Know Your Bible: Monday-Friday on Direct TV Channel 377 at 9:30 PM

Church Blog

Spiritual Inflation

In 1945 a loaf of bread cost 9 cents, a gallon of gas 15 cents, a new car $1,025, and a new house, $4,625. These prices doubled by 1955. We all know the price of them today. Inflation affects most everything of value, except those things that are the most valuable. Air is still free. We may pay to filter it, cool it, or heat it, but air is free. Water is free. We may pay t o filter it,…

Focus and Stay the Course

As a little girl, I can remember how happy I was when I learned to ride my bike. If I was riding on a flat smooth surface, riding was easy and enjoyable. I remember the first time I tried to ride my bike on the gravel roads in our neighborhood with some of my friends. I fell several times. One of my neighbors said “Debbie you have to follow the tire tracts and follow the smooth path in the road,…

The Motivation for Good Works

Serving the Lord, being faithful, doing good works, etc. requires motivation. We may realize the need, and we may know how, but until we are motivated, the good works will not be done. What gets us involved in doing good works? What drives some people to abound in the work of the Lord, while others cannot seem to get started? It is motivation. Some have it while others do not. What then is the Christian’s motivation? The greatest and most…

Our Suffering and Sinless Savior

The suffering of Christ was necessary to provide the means for our salvation from sin. No amount of money could purchase it. The precious blood of the Son of God was required. (I Pet. 1:18,19). Our Savior also had to be sinless. How could a sinful man be the ultimate sacrifice for a sinful people? Both in Prophecy and in fulfillment the death of Jesus of Nazareth, God in human form, was to be that perfect sacrifice for the sins…

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